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Feb 27

Red Reveur & Global View


Welcome back dear readers. Recently some interesting races have been run the winners of which should be brought to your attention. By now you know that I’m an adherent to the theory that stallions can be used to reinforce their own female line thereby concentrating classic speed the result of which can be a classic …

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Feb 27

Midnight Hawk – Hidden Classic Speed!


 The Kentucky Derby is May 3rd.2014, a little over 64 days away. Now is the time when most racing enthusiasts begin to calculate which horse may be standing in the winners circle bedecked with the blanket of roses. As you can see from the title of this essay I’ve already made my choice based on …

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Feb 27


heroic (1)

In the book Great Thoroughbred Sires of the World Bill Whittaker calls Heroic the greatest all-around Australian bred Thoroughbred. That is a great accolade to place on Heroic making him an interesting subject for discussion. Whittaker goes on to say “This handsome, prepotent son of Valais won 21 races from 5 furlongs to two miles …

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Dec 04

The first 5 essays on this site should be read in the following order:

The first 5 essays on this site should be read in the following order: 1  What are Cluster Mares? 2  Solving the Puzzle 3  Concentrating Classic Speed 4  Chelandry 5  Diadem

Sep 16

4 Chelandry


This addition of Broodmares Inc will focus on the great cluster mare Chelandry. Although there are those who are familiar with her name few understand just how far reaching is her influence on the breed. We’ll get to Chelandry shortly. Before taking up the influence of Chelandry I’d once more like to take up the …

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Aug 29

3 Concentrating Classic Speed


Now that you’ve had some time to look at the pedigrees of the 9 great horses from my last edition, Solving the Puzzle let me explain what they all have in common. Just keep in mind one important idea as you read this edition; A cluster mare represents concentrated classic speed!   The Salient trait …

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Aug 13

2 Solving the Puzzle

St. Simon

In the preface to Broodmares Inc I let you know that in the next addition I was going to present to you the pedigrees of nine great horses all of which are bred exactly alike in one particular way. Just in case you don’t have a program to display pedigrees I’m providing a hot link …

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