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Red Reveur & Global View

redreuversWelcome back dear readers.

Recently some interesting races have been run the winners of which should be brought to your attention. By now you know that I’m an adherent to the theory that stallions can be used to reinforce their own female line thereby concentrating classic speed the result of which can be a classic racehorse or a cluster mare.

The two horses in question both two-year-olds of 2013 are Red Reveur winner of the Hanshin Juvenile Fillies G1, and Global View who was victorious in the Generous Stakes G3 run at Hollywood Park. There are distinct similarities in their pedigrees which will be apparent.

We’ll start with Red Reveur who is now 3 for 3 but was lucky to hold off the hard charging favorite Harp Star by a nose. Red Reveur has a pedigree that closely matches two beautifully bred stallions that stand at Taylor Made Farm in Kentucky. The stallions are Eskendereya and Astrology. Both of these stallions are by leading sires in Giant’s Causeway and A P Indy respectively, and because of their breeding are top stallion prospects.

First let’s look at the pedigree of Red Reveur and then we’ll compare her to Eskendereya and Astrology.

Pedigree Red Reveur

The place to begin an examination of Red Reveur’s pedigree is her 5th dam Cosmah. (It should also be noted that Red Reveur’s 6th dam is Almahmoud) Cosmah is a cluster mare having such horses as Cannonade (Kentucky Derby), L’Emigrant, ( Poule d’Essai des Poulains) Tosmah, (Beldame, Arlington Classic) Halo (Lawrence Realization) Flawlessly (Champion), tracing to her in tail female.


From Cosmah we move a couple of generations forward to Red Reveur’s 3rd dam, Dancing Free by Dancing Count. While Dancing Count is an unheralded Maryland stallion he is important in one way. He is by Northern Dancer and is the first instance in this pedigree where a stallion is used to reinforce the female line. By breeding Dancing Count to Flamingo Way inbreeding to Almahmoud resulted. This inbreeding didn’t turn Dancing Free into an outstanding producer but it did set the stage for what would come later. An outcross stallion is then added to produce I’m Out the 2nd dam of Red Reveur before another reinforcing stallion in the form of Dixieland Band is added. Desaucered, Red Reveur’s dam has three crosses of her own female family which traces through Cosmah to Almahmoud.

When Stay Gold is bred to Desaucered to get Red Reveur the 2nd cross of Cosmah is added and the 4th cross of Almahmoud. Although not yet a classic winner Red Reveur has already won over 1 million dollars as a two-year-old, and has her classic year ahead.

The question remains how the pedigree of Red Reveur compares to that of the top stallion prospects Eskendereya and Astrology. We’ll take Eskendereya first. Like in the pedigree of Red Reveur, Eskendereya’s 5th dam is Cosmah. Their 3rd dams Dancing Free and Stellar Odyssey are bred almost exactly alike. The difference is that Dancing Free is by a son of Northern Dancer, in Dancing Count while Stellar Odyssey is by Northern Dancer himself. We all know that Dancing Count is no Northern Dancer although he provides the same inbreeding to Almahmoud albeit one generation further back.

Pedigree Dancing Free

Pedigree Stellar Oddyssey

By the time Aldabaran Light is bred to Giant’s Causeway to get Eskendereya there are 4 crosses of Almahmoud present two of which come through Cosmah. The 2nd cross of Cosmah in Eskendereya’s pedigree comes from the presence of Halo in Rahy. Red Reveur also has two crosses of Cosmah and 4 crosses of Almahmoud.

Astrology is in possession of different horses producing the same pattern. A good place to start our investigation of Astrology’s pedigree is with his 4th dam the Tulyar mare Animosity. She is inbred to the great cluster mare Plucky Liege through both her male and female line.
Pedigree Quiet Eclipse

Pedigree Animosity

Pedigree Quiet American

When you look at the above three pedigrees you will see that Animosity and Quiet American are bred alike when considering that both are the result of using a stallion to reinforce his own female line. Considering this, Quiet Eclipse then has four direct crosses of Plucky Liege. By direct crosses I’m referring to those from the direct female line of one of the horses in question. In Quiet American it is through Fappiano and Demure. In Animosity it is from Bois Roussel and Hostility. In addition there are 5 more crosses of the full brothers Bull Dog and Sir Gallahad III to be found in Quiet Eclipse’s pedigree which are not direct crosses. We find that Quiet Eclipse is a mare with at least 9 crosses of the great cluster mare Plucky Liege.

Global ViewGlobalView

Global View won the Generous Stakes G3 at the end of the final Hollywood Park meet. He should have a bright future in that he is a son of Galileo who began his racing career as a two-year-old in North America. So far he is 2 for 2 and is already a graded stakes winner. What brought the horse to my attention is that his dam Egyptian Queen by Storm Cat. She is inbred to her own female line as Storm Cat her sire is by Storm bird a son of South Ocean while Egyptian Queen’s 4th dam is also South Ocean. This family traces to the cluster mare Dark Display who is the ancestress of Battlefield (Travers, Withers) Spoken Fur (Coaching Club American Oaks), Green Tune (French 2,000 Guineas) and South Ocean herself (Canadian Oaks). In Global View’s pedigree are three different instances of the stallions being used to reinforce their own female families Galileo’s 2nd dam Allegretta is a result of this cross as is Quiet American. It will be interesting to watch the development of this young horse which is now at Tampa Bay Downs awaiting his 2014 debut
Pedigree Global View
Pedigree Egyptian Queen 5

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