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Dec 02

Concussion Reverberation-Aswith by Wenlock


Nothing is more satisfying to a pedigree researcher then when one finds a horse in possession of what could only be described as an obscure pedigree and then has the mystery revealed. Concussion is such a horse. I would make a pecuniary estimate that not one horseman in a thousand has even heard the name …

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Dec 02

Marcel Boussac + The Aga Khan + Queen Elizabeth II = Estimate


When Estimate won the 2013 renewal of the Ascot Gold Cup she became the first runner owned by the reigning monarch to win this prestigious race. The royal family had won all of the other classics but this would be their 1st victory in the Ascot Gold Cup. Before we take up Queen Elizabeth II’s …

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Dec 02

5 Diadem


Whenever I get the opportunity I try to find books written by, or about, past luminaries of the turf. Unfortunately they are few and far between, but I recently found one entitled Men and Horses I have Known by The Hon. George Lambton. For those of you unfamiliar with George Lambton he was the 5th …

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Sep 16

4 Chelandry


This addition of Broodmares Inc will focus on the great cluster mare Chelandry. Although there are those who are familiar with her name few understand just how far reaching is her influence on the breed. We’ll get to Chelandry shortly. Before taking up the influence of Chelandry I’d once more like to take up the …

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Aug 29

3 Concentrating Classic Speed


Now that you’ve had some time to look at the pedigrees of the 9 great horses from my last edition, Solving the Puzzle let me explain what they all have in common. Just keep in mind one important idea as you read this edition; A cluster mare represents concentrated classic speed!   The Salient trait …

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Aug 02

1 What are Cluster Mares?


If I have seen further it has been by standing upon the shoulders of Giants. Sir Isaac Newton             Why start with a quote from Isaac Newton? The reason is simple so let me begin to explain. Over the past 350 years as the breed of Thoroughbred racehorses developed there have been many great …

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