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Floyd Oliver author of Breeding by Design

Floyd Oliver author of Breeding by Design

Broodmares Inc. can help you in three key areas as you develop your racing and breeding program.

First we can analyze your mares to determine if they have the pedigrees to produce horses of the highest racing class. There is no sense in investing tens of thousands of dollars in stud fees for a mare that will never live up to expectations.

As your agent we will purchase mares that will place your program amongst the elite of the industry.

As a consultant to your racing program we will see that you avoid a lengthy learning process that can lead to a great loss of capital. Why not start right at the top instead of taking 10 years to get there? 


As I researched my book Breeding by Design I inadvertently discovered how to concentrate classic speed and therefore how to breed a cluster mare.

With this information in hand, I know who the cluster mares in the modern era are, stretching from the 1930’s to the present. I also know which mares are in the process of achieving cluster mare status.

By reading my book and this website you will garner much information about these cluster mares.

However, if you understand the importance of the abstract concepts of thoroughbred horse breeding and are not the sort of person who has the time or inclination to deal with this concept, then I can help you realize your racing dreams and ambitions through my consulting service.


Contact me now about Consulting Services.

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